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01 May 2013

5 Cool Kids’ Bedrooms

We have 5 kids’ rooms that we think are truly amazing and unique. We aren’t sure if these lucky children have amazingly talented parents or hired a designer. However, even if they aren’t realistic in your home, we think you can definitely be inspired by them!

Cool Bedroom #1

A mezzanine is a great way to create more space in a child’s room. Light warm colours like British Paints Ageless Beauty 122 W adds sophistication so they won’t grow out of it too quickly!

5 Cool Kids

Cool Bedroom #2

This candy-striped British Paints Fizzy Pink 47 W ceiling adds a fresh and dynamic approach to an ordinary blue (British Paints Levant 358 W) room. It’s instantly eye catching and oozes with personality.

5 Cool Kids

Cool Bedroom #3

Now this is a truly amazing room! Even adults would be excited about sleeping in a floating boat with a bridge! British Paints Hello Sailor 371 BR is a great colour for nautical themed rooms.

5 Cool Kids

Cool Bedroom #4

What child doesn’t love a little hide-away? This alcove’s accessories have a perfect balance of patterns and colours to complement the British Paints Twist of Lime 227 W wall colour.

5 Cool Kids

Cool Bedroom #5

And finally, we’ve jumped into Alice and Wonderland with this mystical bedroom! The dark timber works wonderfully with the British Paints Woven Thread 145 W wall colour.

5 Cool Kids
Source: homeofmine.tumblr