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Get on top of that next paint job

The right tools will help get you going in the right direction for any paint job. A quick visit to Bunnings will get you everything you need to get going on painting your home.

1. Paint  roller, frame, pole and tray

Paint rollers make life that much easier when painting large surfaces in your house – particularly when approaching walls, ceilings and other large surfaces. A paint roller will give you an even finish, especially when paired with British Paints Clean & Protect.

A roller or two is a must-have for almost any paint job. Don’t forget to grab one alongside a rolling frame, a tray to apply paint with, and an adjustable pole for those high-up places.

2. Brushes

It never hurts to grab a few different sizes of paint brushes – you can pick up a variety pack from Bunnings on the fly. Small and/or angled brushes are particularly useful when getting into tricky places such as ornate furnishings.

3. Painter’s tape

Painter’s tape is the perfect secret to a clean, neat paint job. It is used to create clean edges between different surfaces, colours and types of paint. It also is delicate enough to not leave marks when removed.

Tape can also be useful to keep drop sheets down.

4. Drop sheets

Drop sheets cover your floor to contain the inevitable drips and drops that come along with a day of painting. A large canvas drop sheet will easily cover large areas of floor with minimal hassle. They’re also washable for multiple uses.

We recommend British Paints Clean & Protect for an even, even finish. And if you’re wondering how much you need, pop your room measurements into our handy paint calculator.