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7 tips to help you paint with confidence

1. Visualise

Visualising the colour scheme for your room gives you a mental scaffolding to work with. Review our colour charts at your local Bunnings, or check out our colour schemes and ideas page. Remember to consider colours you’ve selected for surrounding rooms as well as any furniture.

2. Protect floors and fittings

Make life easier by protecting anything that you don’t want paint on. Place drop cloths on floors and on any furnishings that can’t be removed from the room. Apply painter’s or masking tape to fittings and skirting edges that are otherwise difficult to paint around.

3. Prepare painting surfaces

Preparing your painting space ahead of time will always get the best results. If indoors, open any windows in the room to improve ventilation and drying time. Make sure your paints are mixed and ready to go. Then read our guide on how to prepare your surface for painting.

4. Paint top down

When painting any room, we always recommend painting from the top, down. Watch the How To Paint Ceilings video to guide you. Specialised ceiling paint such as British Paints Ceiling will give you low splatter and low gloss reflection.

5. Walls

Walls are the largest by surface area, but with a good roller and paint they can take no time at all. You can find lots of tips in our How to Paint Interior Walls video. If you’re painting on rendered walls, watch our guide on How to Paint Rendered Walls.

6. Doors and trims

Once the walls and ceiling are dry, paint the doors, trims and window frames. We’ve made a video on How To Paint Doors to talk you through this too.

7. Enjoy designing your newly painted room!