Why do I have a patchy paint finish?

I’ve painted my hallway, and when I look at it from an angle, I can see roller marks and patches. I swear I followed the instructions perfectly. Did I muck up, or is it just the paint?

Don’t worry, you didn’t muck up. The effect you see is called ‘glancing light’. When light hits a wall at an angle, it makes the smallest imperfections stand out. You can fix it with two quick coats of British Paints Clean & Protect Matt. The low gloss reflects less light.

I used British Paints One Coat Ceiling Paint, and it dried patchy. Why?

Patchiness usually happens if you don’t use enough paint, or apply it unevenly. Using a touch more paint, and painting in small sections one at a time, usually does the trick. Also, rolling in a grid fashion will get you an even finish too. But, sometimes, changes in the gloss level leave things patchy. Try this: apply one coat of British Paints Acrylic Sealer Undercoat first, then roll on British Paints One Coat Ceiling Paint over it. You’ve got this.


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