7 Brilliant Bedheads

Take a look at these amazing yet simple DIY bedheads that make a statement.


Leftover wooden planks make a perfect rustic bedhead. Screw them together with some supporting elements and sand it down to avoid splinters.


Be original and use unfinished shutters. They bring great texture to a room, especially when complemented by striking bedding and cushions. Pale colours work best like British Paints Complete Harmony 338 W.


An organic hardwood board can make a distinctive bedhead and can really warm up a modern loft.


This incredible bedhead repurposes old books – either yours or second hand books which are easy to find and cost effective too.


There’s joy to be had in a geometric bedhead. It’s as simple as matching up your lines and painting with precision.


The simplest solution – a bedhead you can buy ready made. Or, if you’re feeling more creative, you can paint a bedhead shape straight onto the wall in bold colours to create a playful and youthful room.


A vintage lover’s dream that creates an elegant room, beautifully offset by shades of white and neutral.