A dash of colour to suit the season

A fresh kitchen setup needn’t cost you a month of weekends and paychecks – transform your old wooden utensils with this simple tip in a single afternoon!

Whether you’re entertaining, seeking a simple gift or just looking for a fresh change of colour to suit the new season, the wonderful thing about this tip is its versatility.

Step 1

To ensure a professional touch, use masking tape to cover the area where you want the paint to end, making sure the lines are straight. 

Step 2

Using a brush, paint even strokes of a single colour, onto your first utensil. Set to dry, and then apply a second coat. 

Step 3

Lay them all flat on a piece of newspaper to dry for a few hours, then turn over and repeat step two on the other side. 

Bonus Step

Create an ombre effect by painting each new utensil a slightly different shade!

Get the most out of your brilliant hand-painted creations by displaying them for all to see.