All new Clean&Protect™

Say Hello to the All New Clean&Protect™

It’s time to stop stalling and turn that project, born on Instagram and Pinterest, into a reality. Choosing a paint colour is daunting enough, but what about making sure you find the right product to get the job done?

Our Clean&Protect™range has taken the guesswork out of this process, an improved formula designed to provide the easiest painting process yet. Meaning you’re the expert as soon as you pick up the paint – no need to have FOMU (fear of mucking up). 

Clean&Protect™has been formulated with inexperienced painters in mind and has been designed for easy application for even the most novice of painters. Features include:

  • Smooth flow for an even finish
  • 3 Year Guarantee against mould*
  • Low splatter for less mess
  • Easy touch up
  • No undercoat required on most previously painted surfaces*

With UltraProtect™ technology built in to defend against mould and mildew, Clean&Protect™is the perfect paint for any interior space. Why is this important? Without proper care, visible and unsightly mould can appear within two weeks (under certain conditions) undoing all of your hard work. Mould can also break down the paint coating and cause discolouration. No thank you! 

The Kitchen & Bathroom paint even offers additional protection against bacteria with an extended 7-year guarantee against mould.* 

Basically, the new and improved range makes the whole painting process extremely user-friendly. Who said getting started on the next project would be a burden? Give the new Clean&Protect™a go, it practically paints itself.* 

*It doesn’t paint itself.


The full British Paints® Clean&Protect™range is available at Bunnings, nationwide.

 ®British Paints is a registered trade mark. ™Ultraprotect and ™Clean&Protect are trade marks. *Refer to product label for full conditions. See further details of Guarantee on product label.