Create a gallery style wall at home

A gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to add an interesting point of difference to your home. The best part is, it can take as little as half an hour to put this style together. 

To get started you’ll need a hammer, spirit level, masking tape, scissors, pencil, hooks and nails, tape measure, roll of paper, photos, prints, drawings and your frames.

1. Start by tracing outlines of your frames onto plain brown paper and cutting out each shape. Measure the distance between the hook and the top of the frame and mark this on the cut out.

2. Tape these shapes onto your wall. Allow at least 150mm to 200mm of space if hanging above a piece of furniture. Also make sure that there is at least 50mm of space between each frame. As a general rule, frames should be hung at eye level.

3. Hammer in the picture hook so its base sits on the pencilled mark, then pull away the paper and hang your frames.

4. Finally, use the spirit level to ensure each frame is hung straight.


By using different colours, frame styles and a mix of photos and artwork, you can make any wall a gallery. Get creative and unleash your inner stylist! You can always rearrange the wall for a quick and effective way to refresh the look and feel of your home in the future.