Create your own DIY board

Add an extra element of luxury to your weekend sleep-ins with this simple DIY board. A great gift idea for Christmas or a birthday, adding that extra splash of colour will turn a plain board into a personalised present.

Step One

For this project you will need to first choose a board to your liking – this can be of any shape or size you prefer. We chose to use British Paints Beige Bravado to add casual elegance to the board. Find some painters tape to mark out your line or even create a pattern, paint brushes and a drop sheet or newspaper to protect your surfaces.

Step Two

Once you’ve marked where you want to paint, you can get started! Make sure you remove the tape before the paint is completely dry to avoid messing up your paint job.

Step Three

Ensure you apply two coats for a smooth finish. As it’s such a small area, you only need to allow 2 hours in between coats. The finished board will be ready to use the next day.

Step Four

You can now enjoy this DIY board on your bed in the mornings or side table. Use to stabilise your morning treats or cup of tea. Enjoy!

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