Create your own DIY tote

Turn a plain old tote into a home accessory using our British Paints 250ml sample pots. Perfect to hang in your kitchen ready for your next errand, it will blend nicely into your décor and colour scheme.

Step One

Gather your plain tote, paint colours of choice – for this project we chose British Paints Lilac Lies and Naked City – grab your paint brush and a sponge you can cut out your shapes with. We’ve gone with some simple floral shapes.

Step Two

Ensure you have newspaper laid out before you start painting to avoid any extra mess. Pour some paint into a tray, then lightly dab your pattern sponge into the paint. Begin to stamp your sponge in your desired pattern across the tote.

Tip: Use disposable gloves or tongs to avoid paint-covered fingers.

Step Three

Allow 5-10 minutes for the first stamps to dry, then add any extra details with another paint colour. Have some fun with designs that will reflect your home space. Try flowers or art deco geometric shapes.  

Step Four

Once your pattern is complete, allow to dry for at least 24 hours before using.

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