DIY Frames

Create a gift that will last this Mother’s Day with a DIY frame set.  We’ve used three basic wooden frames that can be transformed into a more memorable, handmade set.

Step One

Grab what you need and find a space in your home  - or outside if the weather is good – and you’re ready to set up. You will need your three frames, some tape and your colours of choice – for this project we are using Northern Blue, Sweet Hyacinth and Blue Passion.

Step Two

Now use your tape to decide on the shapes you want to paint onto your frames. You can choose to either paint the entire frame, or leave bits of wood showing in contrast to your colour choices.

Step Three

If you choose to colour block, try and stay symmetrical in your patterns and paint between your tape. Allow first coat to dry for approximately 30 minutes before doing your final coat.

Once you finish the final coat, peel off your tape and let it dry for 24 hours before gifting.

Tip: Don’t forget to lay out newspaper before painting to protect those surfaces!

Step Four

Now you’re ready to place on your mantel, or hang somewhere if you choose.

Why not make it a gift for Mother’s Day and place a card in the centre frame or a picture of you and your mum.

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