DIY Mugs

It’s always the smallest things in life that give us the greatest pleasure. Drinking a hot cuppa out of your own personalised mug on a cool Sunday morning is precisely what we mean. Fortunately for you, painting such a mug is a perfectly easy project, well within the wheelhouse of a first-time painter.

Step One

Ideally, your project mug will be a single block colour, giving you more room to let your creativity run wild. Lay down some newspaper, and begin by marking up your mug with painter’s tape.

Step Two

We’ve decided to paint our mugs with British Paints Green Space and Cherry Vanilla. Naturally, you can pick any colour you like from our exceptional range.

Step Three

Paint around your tape design, and leave your first coat to dry for two hours before you begin your second coat. Once both coats are dry, give the outside of your mug a quick coat of clear British Paints SprayEasy Paint & Prime, for a little added durability.

And you’re all done. If that was your first DIY project, we hope you’ve caught the bug. Enjoy your Sunday morning, and next week we can start planning your next project.


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