How to - DIY tray

Repurpose a wooden tray by adding a unique pattern on the surface that can double as décor and for those hot cups of tea! Follow these simple steps and have your modern tray ready to use over the weekend.

Step One

Using a metal ruler and a lead pencil, trace out your pattern onto the surface of your wooden tray. You’ll also need to grab your paint of choice, paintbrush and tape.  For this project we used British Paints Love Note White.

Step Two

Before you start painting make sure your area is well protected or lay newspaper out to avoid any mess. Once you have marked up your pattern, lay out the tape in the shapes you want, along the outline.

Step Three

Smoothly and evenly paint the inside of the masking tape outline. Apply at least two coats to ensure full coverage.

Note: Dry each layer for at least 20 minutes before painting the next layer.

Step Four

Allow paint to dry for 24 hours and then you’re ready to use your new feature tray!

Style with candles and a vase or use to hold your cups of tea and enjoy by your bed.

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