How to make Christmas wrapping paper

Left over paint and some quirky stamps are all you need to create a personal touch to your Christmas gifts this year.

Step 1

If you don’t have time to make your own stamps, you can usually find these cute shapes in your local gift or hardware shop. Once you decide on a shape, you’ll need your plain paper, a sample pot of British Paints, for this one we used Love Note, and paint tray. 

Step 2

Once you lay all this out on some newspaper, you’re ready to get stamping! Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure once you’ve dipped the stamp, so it doesn’t run, or lose its shape when pressed onto the paper.

Step 4

Let you’re creations dry for approximately 20 minutes and you now have yourself your very own Christmas paper to start your wrapping!

Tip: Keep a piece of paper to practice on before you start on the real thing. You can also buy paper bags and try your stamp on these as an alternative to wrapping paper!


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