How to refresh an old lamp

Create flow through your home with a cohesive colour scheme, try a trending shade like grey. We found the perfect table lamp that just needed a new coat of paint, and chose to update it with a British Paints 250ml sample pot in Beige Bravado. Follow the steps below to create your own.

Step One:

First gather all the things you’ll need to complete the project – we chose to use British Paints Beige Bravado to add casual elegance to the lamp – find some tape, paint brushes and newspaper to protect your surfaces.

Step Two:

Remove the lampshade before you commence painting to avoid any paint splatter. Once removed, use your tape to protect the cord and any other sections of the lamp you don't want to get paint on. Now you’re ready to paint!

Step Three:

Apply two coats for a smooth finish. Ensure you dry the lamp with the legs standing up to avoid any smudge marks. Allow 24 hours of dry time before reapplying the lampshade and setting up on your table.

Step Four:

Decorate with vases, picture frames and pots to create a styled area on your tabletop or shelves.  

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