How to revamp a mirror

Whether you have an old mirror lying around that needs new life, or you’ve picked up a bargain at your local shopping centre, giving a touch of style to the frame will add a personal touch to suit your home.

Step One

To create your DIY mirror you will need painters tape to protect your mirror, British Paints SprayEasy Paint & Prime in your colours of choice, four tacks and newspaper.

Step Two

Start by laying out the newspaper and using the tacks to raise the mirror – this will help prevent any sticking to the newspaper. A great way to prevent any paint ending up on your mirror is to cover the mirror with newspaper and tape along each edge.  

Step Three

Hold the spray can 15cm away, and spray even mist like strokes along each part of the frame with your colour of choice. For this project, we have chosen Steel Grey. Allow 20 minutes before applying your second coat; be sure to remove the tape before allowing to dry to avoid any parts of the tape sticking.

Step Four

Once 2 hours have passed you are ready to style!

Style on top of a mantel or hang on the wall, your brand new mirror is ready for display.

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