How to upcycle old furniture

Do you have furniture in your home that could use a new lease of life? We’ve got some great projects that with a little touch of British Paints could look brand new!

It’s a simple and effective way to use sustainable products in your home and reduce waste.

Wire Basket Side Table

Wire baskets are a popular commodity in 2016, and for those who may have old ones lying around, giving them a spray of colour can completely update this look and transform a plain basket into a stylish side table. Try using British Paints SprayEasy Gloss in a variety of fun colours to achieve your look.

Old Ladder New Life

Sanding down an old ladder can bring a fresh look to a room, add one to your living space for throws, bathroom for towels or your bedroom for accessories!


Instead of using copper-like paint and for a similar affect, try this look with a pastel blush using our British Paints Soft Marshmallow pink.

Two-Tone Side Table

Try re-painting your warn down side table with just a polish and a touch of colour to modernize the look. Use our British Paints Water Based Interior Stain for the all over base coat and choose a pastel colour such as Pink Bliss or Pure Mint to complete the look.

Up-cycle Your Stepladder

Whether you decide to up-cycle your own stepladder that needs a little love, or purchase a basic one from your local homewares store, the options are endless with creating a style to suit your needs and colour scheme.

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