How to update your home console

Update your home this Autumn by painting a collection of ornaments bright colours to represent the season.


Step 1

Choose an assortment of shapes and sizes such as a variety of vases and a small catch dish and grab a range of colours from our SprayEasy range. As we’ve chosen green for this project, we've selected different shades for each ornament, and a metallic to break up the display.  

Step 2

Lay out your protective surface to avoid any mess or over spray and use painters tape if you are creating any particular shapes on your ornaments. Ensure you use SprayEasy in an open space, ideally in an outside area.

Step 3

When using SprayEasy, ensure you spray from between 10-25cm away from the surface. To test before you start, spray a hard-to-see area of the surface to ensure it’s compatible with the ornament. Allow roughly 10-15 minutes for them to be touch-dry, and apply your second coat within the hour or after 24 hours for an even surface.


Step 4

Now that they are all dry, style on a tray or with your other pieces of décor displayed on your console such as photo frames, calendar or candles. The best thing about SprayEasy is that it’s such a fast job from start to finish, so you can update your décor with the seasons!

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