How to use sustainable designs at home

Sustainable designs are hot in 2016. From indoor plants, to revived wooden furniture, these simple and sustainable projects will keep your home looking fresh and modern without breaking the bank! Have a look at a few of our favourites below – and how you can incorporate these looks in your home this season.

Plywood, concrete, and oriented strand board (OSB), are common in sustainable decorating. An OSB headboard works as a great contrast in your room if you’re working with neutral walls such as grey or white.

 Our tip: Plywood isn’t the easiest to paint, so be sure to use our British Paints Paint & Prime or British Paints Prep 4in1undercoat for maximum colour and coverage.  

Paper bag planters are as sustainable as they are beautiful! You can find these durable brown bags at any homewares store usually in a range of sizes. Depending on whether you want to use your paper bags as planters or storage, there are plenty to choose from.

Play around with different stencils to add patterns or words. Then easily spray with British Paints SprayEasy to add some colour that will match your style.

Plywood is a sustainable material that’s easy to use for building shelves and cupboards. Have some fun and paint shapes onto the front to suit the room – we love pastel colours or dark tones as a contrast against plywood!

This can be great to add some extra storage solutions too!

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