Practical, Stylish, DIY Shelf

Easily update your hallway, or living space by creating this simple, stylish DIY hanging shelf.

Step 1

To get started you will need some wood, cut to a size of your choice, rope, two large hooks and a drill. The size of the shelf will depend on what you want to store there, wether it just be keys or a few decorative items.

Step 2

The next step is to decide on your paint. For a simple white look, use our British Paints Clean & Protect Low Sheen in Love Note, which will give you a perfect, smooth finish.

Allow paint to dry for 20 minutes before applying the second coat, and then allow for 24 hours before you begin placement.

Drill two holes in the wall and two on each corner of the wood to thread the rope through.

Step 3

 Thread the rope through the holes and using a spirit level (or marble) to ensure your shelf is straight. Screw in the hooks and hang. Now you can decorate accordingly!

Extra Tip

Try a bolder look, paint the board a pop of colour or along the outline for a more subtle pop that suits the colour scheme of your home. A mint or lemon colour would work as a statement piece with the current summer trends.  

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