Spring Project: DIY storage baskets

Carry across a consistent colour scheme throughout your home with British Paints SprayEasy Paint & Prime. Spray painted storage baskets act as the most stylish of storage solutions, and can be perfectly matched to your home’s colour scheme. Follow these easy steps below to design your own.

Step One

First – collect all the materials you’ll require to complete the project. We chose a simple straw basket and British Paints Steel Grey – find some newspaper or a drop sheet to protect your surfaces.

Tip: storage baskets can be sourced from homewares stores, supermarkets or your closest discount store.

Step Two

Set up your paint station in an open area, ideally outside. Place basket upright and apply the paint, holding the spray can 15-20 cm away to ensure an even finish. We recommend two light coats, and then allow the baskets to dry for at least 24 hours.

Tip: spray paint in a sheltered location to avoid dirt and dust sticking to the paint

Step Three

Complete the project by styling next to your end table or lounge for those extra pillows or throws that need a home. You could even place at the entrance of your home for shoes, kids toys or odd items in the garage!    

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