Transform your living room in a weekend

The living room is an important space in any home. It’s a place to relax, unwind and spend time with those you love, so naturally, you want it looking its best! But creating a lovely living space shouldn’t take you months of work or cost you a fortune. In fact, with a fresh coat of paint and a few style tips, you can transform yours in just one weekend.

Phase 1: Plan

Every great project starts with a plan! Spending some time selecting your paint colour and calculating the amount of paint required for your project with our online paint calculator.

Next, you’ll need to visit your local Bunnings Warehouse to purchase everything you need for your project.

To make your task as easy as possible don’t forget the following: Ladder, brush, roller and frame, roller tray, roller pole, drop sheets, masking tape, filing blades, gap filler, rags, sandpaper, sugar soap and PAINT! We suggest you select British Paints Paint&Prime, which saves time by combining a paint and a primer in one.

Phase 2: Prepare

Prep can seem like a waste of time, especially when you’re feeling eager to get started on creating the living room of your dreams! But a few hours of prep can make the difference between wonderful or woeful walls.

Move your furniture away from the walls (either totally out of the room or into the centre) and take down any artwork or curtains. Next, cover the floor with your drop sheets.

Now it’s time to clean by washing your walls using water and sugar soap. Remember, clean walls are the best defence against a ruined paint job, so don’t skip this step!

If you’ve spotted any holes or gaps as you’ve cleaned, you can fill these in using your gap filler and filling blade. Once the filler is dry, lightly sand these areas for a smooth surface.

Finally, mark up any areas you’d like to remain paint free, like skirting boards, light switches and power points.  

Phase 3: Paint

The moment you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to start painting with your British Paints Paint&Prime.

You’ll need to apply two coats of Paint&Prime for perfect results, allowing time for your paint to dry in between each coat.

If you need to brush up on your paint roller skills before you get started, check out this handing guide on ‘how to use a paint roller’.

Phase 4: Style

Remove your drop sheets then vacuum the floors and clean the glass on any windows so your room is looking as good as new.

Now it’s time to return your furniture to its original place, plus think about any simple ways you could re-style your freshly painted room to add instant wow factory.

Cost effective but stylish options include adding greenery with a house plant or some colour with scatter cushions and a throw.

Artwork is also an easy way to transform a room. Simple select a print you love and frame it yourself for a budget friendly alternative.

Phase 5: Enjoy

No further explanation needed!

Reward yourself for all your hard work by enjoying your new room.