Tips for painting during summer

As the mercury rises and the temperature soars, the temptation to stay indoors with an ice-cold beer and the aircon on max can be oh so tempting… and we don’t blame you! But the longer, warmer days in summer can create some of the best (and unfortunately most challenging) conditions to tackle those urgent exterior paint jobs. Here are our five top tips to ensure you paint like a pro during the Australian summer.

1. Play it safe and avoid painting in extreme heat

We can all safely say that there are plenty of better things to be doing than painting your home exterior on a 40+ degree day. Extreme weather causes paint to dry at a much faster rate, which can lead to the paint blistering or peeling, poor adhesion and unappealing stroke marks. Below 35 degrees is the ideal temperature, for both your health and the paint!

2. Make the most of daylight savings

First of all, we’re sorry Queensland and WA… Attacking those external paint jobs earlier in the morning or later in the day will lead to a much more enjoyable painting experience, ensuring you can safely enjoy the summer weather and also protect your newly painted surfaces.

3. Lightly spray hot surfaces with water

This will help to protect your exteriors that are in direct sunlight and will cool metal surfaces such as gates and fences. But be careful not to soak, a gentle spray is all you need! Pro tip: use two paint brushes, keeping one in a separate bucket of water to avoid the bristles from drying out and clumping together.

4. Keep your eye on the weather app

We know that Australian weather can be temperamental and that some states more than others are prone to a summer storm or two each week, so we suggest avoiding painting on rainy, windy or dusty days. These harsher elements can affect paint adhesion and cause small particles of dust to stick.

5. Remember to slip, slop, slap!

You won’t be completing any DIY jobs with heat stroke! It’s important that you regularly apply sunscreen, don your best broad-brim hat and stay well hydrated.