Why am I having issues with my paint colour?

We recently used British Paints Clean & Protect Low Sheen tinted to your Amanzi colour on a feature wall in our house and after three coats we can still see the original colour (which was light grey). Why is the paint not covering?

If the original colour is still visible after three coats of the Amanzi, this would indicate that there is not enough paint on the surface. This could be because there is not enough paint being applied per coat which could be a result of the incorrect and/or the quality of the roller you’re using. To correct the problem, purchase a quality 10-12mm nap roller. Ensure the roller is well loaded then apply another coat, reducing the area you are covering with each load. This will ensure better coverage of the paint and should hide the original colour with one more coat.

I purchased two cans of British Paints Clean & Protect Interior tinted to a British Paints colour. When I applied the first coat using one can I was happy with the colour but when I applied the second coat using the second can the colour is different to the colour in the first can. Why?

Any colour variation between cans can occur if the paint is not stirred correctly at the time of application or if the can was miss-tinted at the store. When more than one can is required British Paints always recommends mixing the cans together to minimise the colour variation between cans.

I recently bought British Paints Clean & Protect Interior Low Sheen tinted to a specified colour. After I painted my feature wall with two coats, the colour does not match the colour chip. The colour on the wall is lighter. Why do you use colour chips as examples if you cannot match them when you sell paint?

Colour chips are a guide to how a colour may look. Because colours can be affected by their environment (may look darker or lighter) we always recommend you purchase a sample pot to test the colour before buying the paint. This is to ensure you area completely happy with the colour.

For further information please refer to instructions on the label or contact Customer Service on 13 25 25 or visit our Contact Us page