How to use a paint roller

Painting a large space or entire room can be daunting for even the most experienced DIY pros, so it’s often the job we put off. Eventually, the reality of your tired looking walls will catch-up with you and there will be no other option but to hit refresh. To help make the job a little bit easier, meet your new best friend, the paint roller!


Paint rollers are perfect for FOMU fighters who want to get their painting project done efficiently, without compromising on results. Armed with a paint roller, a roller pole, your favourite paint and a few simple tips, painting a large surface will be faster than ever.


Before you get started, make sure you give your roller a good clean by washing it in water to remove any fluff or dirt. Cleaning your roller is the best way to guarantee a smooth paint finish, so don’t skip this step!


Next, you’ll need to pour your chosen paint into your paint tray, then dip your roller in lightly. Roll back and forth in the tray – for perfect results your roller should be evenly covered in paint, but not dripping, this will usually take 5 or 6 rolls.

Now, it’s time to get painting! Start by working from one side of the wall to the other – left to right – never start in the middle of your wall. Place your feet facing towards the wall and grip the roller with a firm but relaxed grip. Begin by working in sections, rolling in a large W pattern at first, then filling in the blanks of your W pattern with some extra zigzagging strokes.


Once you’ve covered your first section of wall using the W pattern, finish by using a technique called laying off to ensure there’s no messy streaks and you achieve an even finish. It’s simple, just use long vertical strokes and light pressure to paint over the area you recently covered.    


Keep rolling with a combination of the W pattern and laying off until your entire wall is complete. Before you know it, you’ll have a freshly painted wall and be feeling like a master FOMU fighter!


Still not feeling ready to roll? Greg’s here to help, with a quick video showing off his roller technique. Check it out here.