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How do I decide between water based enamel & an oil based enamel

Can I apply your water based enamel over an oil based enamel?

Yes. Wash with sugar soap solution and sand the existing enamel back to a flat finish then apply one coat of British Paints PREP 4 in 1 (oil based), allow to dry for 48hrs, lightly sand then apply two coats of British Paints H2O Enamel (water based).

What is the difference between your water based enamel and oil based enamel?

Water based enamels clean up in water, have far less odour, have shorter recoat times and do not yellow. Oil based enamels have good abrasion resistance, dry hard, retain a higher gloss level, leave a smoother finish, allow more time to work the paint, and have longer recoat times, but can yellow over time.

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