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I am unsure about VOC paint & my paint still smells. Can you help?

I used British Paints Oil Based Enamel but after a week the paint still smells. Why?

Solvents from oil based enamels should generally be gone after a week under good conditions. There are several things that can slow down the drying process, taking longer for the smell to disappear. These include, wet weather, high humidity, poor ventilation or any combination of these.

Do you make low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint for walls inside?

Yes, British Paints Clean & Protect is a low odour and low VOC paint with less than 5 g/L VOC.

Are your low VOC paints more or less washable than normal water based paints?

Our low VOC paints have the same level of washability as normal water based paint.

I recently applied two coats of British Paints Clean & Protect Interior Matt but after two weeks I can still smell the paint.

For water based paint to still smell after two weeks, it would indicate the paint could still be drying. This can be caused by the weather conditions over this period and at the time the paint was applied. Additionally, if the room was closed off, solvents would be trapped in the room or the person who is noticing the smell may be sensitive to solvents. Other possibilities could be that there has been any other renovations done, e.g. carpets, laminex, etc. To remove the smell, ventilate the area using a fan on a low setting and/or incense to help hide the smell until it’s gone.

For further information please refer to instructions on the label or contact Customer Service on 13 25 25 or visit our Contact Us page