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Why do I have a patchy paint finish?

I have painted the walls of my hallway and when I look at the paint from either end of the hallway I can see roller marks and patchiness, even though I cannot see them when I stand in front of the walls. I applied the paint correctly so is this a paint issue?

The effect you describe is called ‘glancing light’. This occurs when light glances off the walls, which highlights imperfections which would normally not be noticeable. To address this, apply two coats of British Paints Clean & Protect Matt, as low gloss finishes reflect less light.

When I applied your British Paints One Coat Ceiling Paint it dried patchy. Why has this happened?

Patchy finishes generally occur when there is not enough paint applied or the paint is applied unevenly, resulting in a variation of the film build hence a variation in appearance. To correct the problem increase the amount of paint on the roller you are applying and reduce the area you are applying it to. It also helps to apply the paint in a grid fashion to ensure the finish is even. Variations in surface gloss can cause applied paint to appear patchy. By applying one coat of British Paints Acrylic Sealer Undercoat prior to top coating with British Paints One Coat Ceiling Paint, it can help with achieving an even finish.

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