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How to remove dried paint on your clothes using hairspray

Step One

You will need hairspray of any kind, a washcloth, and a scrub brush in case the paint stains are particularly tough.

Fun Fact: Hairspray contains isopropyl alcohol, which is an active compound that helps to break down the stain.

Step Two

Spray hairspray onto the affected area and give it a couple of minutes to set in. Make sure you apply liberally so it looks wet.

Step Three

Scrub the stain gently with your brush or washcloth until you see the paint start to loosen up, if this doesn’t start to happen, you may need to apply more hairspray.

Step Four

Once it looks like you have removed most of the paint – if not all of it – you can now run it through the wash. This will break down the rest of the paint leaving you with clean, good as new jeans!

Share you tips with us on Instagram @BritishPaints using #BritishPaints
Share you tips with us on Instagram @BritishPaints using #BritishPaints