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Simple tips and tricks to help a novice prep for a painting job

We know getting started on a painting project can feel very overwhelming, especially when painting isn’t your forté – so we’re here to help shave some time off your prep time so you can get to the good stuff. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started but once you get into the groove, it’s a piece of cake!

Having said that, make sure you never cut corners on the prep as this step is very important. Better prep will always lead to a better end result. Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks to help you prep for a painting job:

1. Cleaning the wall

You know what? We get it. Preparing the surface of a wall can take longer than necessary, especially when you’re using that wet cloth to remove dust and flaking paint. Next time, replace that wet cloth with a wet squeegee mop, and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

2. Washing the paint roller

Novices, listen up. No one wants to be that person who finishes painting a wall only to find that there’s bits of fluff stuck in the paint. Unfortunately if you are, prepare to get in there with your fingernails to dig it out. Not only does it ruin the finish, but it will get paint all under your nails too. We have a solution – always wash your paint roller before starting your project as it will remove all that excess fluff, and don’t cheap out on the quality of the roller you purchase!

3. Pour it out!

Sometimes we get a bit excited and purchase more paint than we need…it’s okay, we’ve all been there. Always pour the paint out with the front of the can facing the ground, this means the dripping paint will cover the front and not the instructions. Because, we need those!

4. Foil it up!

A DIY paint job might take a few days to complete so it’s important to know how to store the paint. When you’ve got some paint in your roller tray, always wrap it up in some foil to make sure it’s all covered. When you’re ready to go, simply remove the foil and carry on!

Remember to apply these simple yet handy tricks for your next DIY project and we guarantee you will not only be more efficient, but you will be setting yourself up for success with future projects too. Go on, get painting!

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