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Top 3 tips for choosing paint with Claire Bradley

It’s funny, people spend a lot of time thinking about buying a sofa, or a dining table, but don’t spend half as much time choosing a paint.

Here are my top three suggestions. 

1. How do I get white right?

There are loads of factors that play into getting your basic white right, but the most important piece of advice anyone ever gave me came from Lucy Sutherland, the General Manager of ISCD (International School of Colour and Design). She says, “Always look at them together – never in isolation.” One paint swatch of white is very hard to discern in a sea of colour swimming around it, but hold it next to a couple of shades of white and it’s a completely different story. 

A warm white will warm a room up, a cool white will lower the temperature and a vivid white will give you that blingy photostudio look. All are great in the right context, so have a think about what the bases tones are in the rest of your room/palette and that will set you on the right track.


2. How bold should I be with colour?

Now that’s a very personal question. I know I love to see colour in people’s homes, but I’m the first to admit that I go for a more neutral palette at home. Inside Out is all about creating a home that shines with personal style and with careful selection of some beautiful British Paints colours, you’ll be in the perfect position to create something pretty amazing. 

Start with a palette you think you can weave through a space. It doesn’t have to be on every surface, it can just be a couple of beautiful tinted walls and then pull out a darker shade in accessories, or painting small occasional pieces of furniture in a complimentary colour. Times have moved away from a singular feature wall, so consider going with a lighter shade that you can paint all over.


3. Should I DIY?

The answer is yes and no.  If you’re going to have a go yourself, just be sure to get good advice about which British Paints preparation products to use, and spend a little extra on a good quality paintbrush and roller set – it’s worth every cent.

If you have a little extra cash and you’re planning to paint a large space or a complete reno, I recommend getting someone experienced in. I’ve done a lot of painting in my time and the last time I renovated, I got the professionals in and I was astounded and how much better the result was – even on old walls.