DIY Dip Dyed Stool

Image Source: SF Girl By Bay

When it comes to giving new life to your furniture, adding a touch of paint to the legs is a quick and easy way to produce a whole new look.

Whether you have sample pots lying around, or grab one of our new British Paints SprayEasy Paint & Prime cans, you can achieve this look with low fuss over the weekend.

Step One

First you’ll need some tape to mark off the part of the chair you wish to paint, a ruler to make sure each leg is even, and some newspaper laid out to prevent any mess.

Step Two

To ensure precision, use a grey led and ruler to mark where you want to finish painting. Tape off that area on each leg and do a quick check to ensure that’s where you want the paint to end. 

Step Three

Now you’re ready to paint! Our British Paints SprayEasy Paint & Prime will ensure a fast and efficient job for this project as it takes only 10 minutes to dry! Hold the can upright 10 to 25cm from the surface and spray.

Top tip: applying several light coats rather than one heavy one will prevent the paint from running.

Step Four

Allow to dry for 10 – 20 minutes, and recoat, you can wait up to 24 hours to avoid any streaking or unevenness.

Once you’ve had a go at this easy DIY project, you can also try adding another colour to the mix, or try painting a full stool or chair the whole colour for added character.   

Image Source: PolkaDot Blog

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