How to use your SprayEasy – mess free!

DIY Spray Painting is an easy and affordable way to transform a plain piece into something unique to suit your home.

Here are some tips to avoid those common problems such as drips, crackling and uneven coverage for your next DIY project.

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Tip 1

First things first – take it outside! This will minimise clean up or marking anything you don’t want. Try and avoid direct sunlight and choose a day that isn’t windy to prevent any dirt and debris from blowing onto the wet paint.  

Tip 2

If the object you are spray painting is small, like a pot plant, use a cardboard box outdoors to help you hit your target and prevent overspray.

Tip 3

What you need: your SprayEasy can, a cardboard box -if you are touching up any décor for example- an old newspaper to spread out over the area you will be using, and a protective mask and gloves.

Tip 4

Prep your surface – gently sand away any imperfections and give the area a good wipe so it’s clean. Shake well before use, and then spray 20cm away from your object to ensure even coverage and reduce splotchy, uneven wet patches.

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Tip 5

Let the paint dry for just 30 minutes before applying the second coat, once you have finished, ensure enough time – roughly 24 hours – before your SprayEasy project is ready for use!

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