Building a cubby house? Let’s make it special.

Nothing excites a child quite like a cubby house. It might be the feeling of independence, or the fun of a little light DIY with their parents. Or maybe it’s just the freedom to draw on the walls without getting in trouble. If you’re planning on building a cubby for your little ones, it’s worth seeing what’s possible with a little extra effort.

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The Island Getaway

Just imagine the kids sipping on pineapple juice, soaking their feet in an inflatable ocean. We wouldn’t blame you for wanting to join them.

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The Forest Castle

This cubby is fit for little kings and queens. Fortunately, by royal invitation, your presence is requested for pretend tea and scones.

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The Teepee

With a little ingenuity, there’s no reason this little wonder couldn’t be a permanent indoor fixture.

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The Adventurer’s Hideaway

This is the perfect place for renegade archaeologists and rogue tomb raiders to plan their next adventure. Or do a bit of colouring.

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The Penthouse

The crème de la crème. We’d be careful showing this to the kids. Once it’s in their minds, there’s no going back. But just imagine the memories…


A little imagination can work wonders on any space. Here, see just how much is possible.