Create your own DIY candleholder

Candles are a great decorative piece to add to the home, either indoors and out. Turn simple candleholders into something really special by personalising them with your desired colour.

Step One

First, choose a simple candleholder of your liking – preferably a white or stone one to allow the colour of the paint to stand out. Shape and size doesn’t matter, so feel free to choose based on your own taste.

We decided to use British Paints Spray Easy Metallic Bright Gold to add some elegance to the white candles.

Step Two

Using a sheet of newspaper, wrap your candle and secure it tightly with sticky tape. Curve the tape around in a smooth line or alternatively, use the tape to design a pattern to the bottom of the candle.

Step Three

Next, turn your candle upside down so you can spray the base along with the rest of the candle. Spray Easy is fast drying and will only take 10 minutes to set before it’s ready for a second coat. Once you’ve finished applying the paint, allow 20-30 minutes before using.

Note: Remember to protect your surfaces with a spread of newspaper before painting. 

A personalised candle will add extra glow to your home. Have fun exploring the range of colours and styles you might use as inspiration!

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