Ceiling Paint

Look up! With the British Paints range of paints designed for the job, the prospect of a perfect ceiling is anything but over your head.

The ceiling is typically a forgotten surface. It’s kind of easy to ignore, all the way up there. But painting your ceilings can make a huge difference to the appearance of a room, making it instantly more open and bright. A shade of white or a lighter colour can help make a smaller room feel larger and the ceiling seem further away. Conversely, if it’s intimacy and cosiness you’re after, a darker paint colour will instil a sense of drama. Here are our tips for making the most of that all-important fifth wall. 

How to do it
First, gather your tools. You’ll need everything you use when painting walls plus – unless you play pro basketball – a step ladder and an extension pole for your roller. Preparation is key. Remove any cobwebs with a broom, and wash down the ceiling using a squeezy mop. Once your drop sheets are down, stick masking tape around any cornices and light fittings. Cut in around the edges using a brush, then use a roller to apply paint. It’s best to concentrate on a small area at a time – about a square metre. That way you can ‘lay off’ the paint before it dries. Laying off just means going over the area with dry roller, to avoid the dreaded drips and streaks. 

What paint to use
A flat white is the go to for ceilings. Both natural and artificial light have a tendency to bounce off ceilings, so if you use something with a sheen, it will show up even small flaws. A non-reflective finish reduces glare, but still helps to reflect natural light around the room. British Paints Ceiling creates a brilliant flat finish. It’s easy to apply (think low roller spatter), and is great at camouflaging any surface imperfections.
If you’re painting on top of an old, darker colour, or the ceiling is stained or water damaged, you might need a little extra help. 
British Paints Paint & Prime Ceiling has a specialised formula that doubles as a primer, so you won’t need an extra undercoat to cover a dark history. With excellent stain-blocking and mould-resistance capabilities, you can achieve a quick, bright and resilient finish for any room in the house.
If you’re painting in a laundry or bathroom, you should look at a specialist product that combats the humidity and moisture by helping to stop mould and bacteria growing on the surface. Whether you’re painting ceilings or walls, British Paints Clean & Protect Kitchen & Bathroom creates a beautiful, resilient, interior finish that is ideal for wet areas. It has a low sheen finish and a seven-year guarantee against mould and mildew.
So next time you’re having a well-deserved soak, you can look up and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.




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