Interior Paint

Not all interior paints are created equal. Here’s our handy guide to the range of products for your projects, to make sure you get it right first time.

Interior Paints
You don’t need a top-to-toe reno to give your home a refresh. Freshly painted walls and trims can turn a dark and tired room into a light-filled space – often within just a few hours. But choosing the right paint for your revamp can be a little confusing. British Paints’ range of interior paints makes life a whole lot easier. From high traffic family areas to a bathroom oasis, we’re here to make the task easier, every step of the way.  

Easy prep
Tempted to skip the prep? If it sounds like hard work then don’t worry, we’re on the case. Because we like to make life easy, British Paints PREP 4 in 1 Oil and Water Based paints work as a sealer, primer, undercoat and stain blocker all in one. Perfect for hiding stains, creating a neutral base and making sure the topcoat bonds, this is a one-stop prep shop in a tin.  

Wipe clean
Food spills and fingerprints are part of life – but that doesn’t mean you want them on your walls. Protect your interiors from the get-go with the British Paints Clean & Protect range. These resilient interior paints are designed to be wiped clean, over and over again. Available in a range of finishes from matt to semi-sheen, the formula contains UltraProtect technology, which protects against mould, mildew and bacteria, so is ideal for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. And because we understand that mess happens everywhere, the range also includes a paint specially formulated for trims, so your doorframes and windowsills will look as clean and new as your walls.

Chip resistance 
Doors, skirting boards and window frames can all bear the brunt of daily life. Bangs and knocks from feet, toys and furniture can leave chipped and dirty paint, making interiors look old and worn – even when they’re not. British Paints’ Enamels range gives a hard-wearing gloss or semi-gloss finish that protects against stains and chips. This low-odour, fast drying paint also staves off yellowing, so your hard work lasts even longer.

Time saver
Life is busy enough, so steal back some precious time by using British Paints’ Paint & Prime. If you’re giving your room a refresh, this specialised formula doubles as a primer so you won’t need to apply an undercoat – giving you one less job to do. Available for walls, ceilings and trims, it helps to blocks stains and gives a beautiful finish fast, even over bare plaster and dark colours. 

Top timber
Want great looking, scratch resistant timber with no fuss? British Paints’ Timber Protect One Coat Stain & Varnish is a two-in-one solution for doors, trims and indoor furniture that will save you some serious time. It’s available in a range of popular wood tints, as well as water and oil-based clear coatings, so you can transform your pieces or simply bring out the natural glow.




Water based
Oil based


Low Sheen
Semi Gloss


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