Exterior Paint

Nothing says home like a proud exterior. Keep your walls, decking and trims up to scratch with our durable exterior range.

Exterior Paints
First impressions count. Peeling paintwork, shabby walls and splintered decks don’t scream ‘come in and make yourself at home.’ Exterior paintwork can seem like a big job, and it’s easy for FOMU (The Fear of Mucking Up) to rear its head when it comes to making the outside of your home look shmick. But there’s good news: British Paints’ range of exterior paint does a lot of the work for you. Built-in primers, multi-purpose finishes and weather resistant paint all cut out several of the fiddly steps, so you can just pick up a paintbrush, get to work, then get on with living your life.

Weather Fighter
Aussies are used to extremes; beating sun, driving rain and strong winds are all part of our lifestyle.
British Paints 4 Seasons exterior paint is formulated specifically to protect against the harsh elements, keeping your house looking top notch, all the time. Our UltraProtect technology gives protection against mould, fungus and algae, as well as against UV rays. It also has an initial rain barrier, so your paintwork is protected from light rain just 40 minutes after application. That means no worrying about paint streaking or running if the weather surprises you. Its high colour durability also means it won’t fade and start to look old in bright sunshine.
British Paints 4 Seasons is self-priming, so you don’t need to layer it with other products first on most surfaces. Just choose whether you’re after a high-gloss or a low-key matt finish – or something in between – paint it on, and you’re done. With a 25-year guarantee against peeling, flaking and blistering, your handywork will last, and your FOMU will be gone.

Time Fighters
Bare timber, brick, render and fibre cement board can look seriously ugly, and make exterior walls look dark and uninviting. But if you’re worried about having to fill holes, use a primer, and then paint two or three coats on top, don’t be. Our Paint and Prime products allow you to cover repair jobs and dark colours easily, with just one or two coats – no need for extra primers. There’s a product for whatever you’re painting, whether it’s walls, doors, window frames or trims. It can even be painted over water or oil topcoats, so there’s no need to remove previous coats – cutting out another step. Too easy.

Combo Fighters
We know, prep can be boring. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Because we understand that prep can sometimes feel overwhelming, we’ve combined four products in one - so you only have to do a quarter of the work. British Paints PREP 4 in 1 Oil and water based paints work as a sealer, primer, undercoat and stain blocker all in one. Perfect for hiding water and food stains, tannin bleeds in timber and filling small gaps, this is a one-stop prep shop in a tin.

Deck Defence
Decks don’t have to be difficult to deal with. Stop cracking, flaking, splintering and mould on decks and outdoor furniture with our range of decking oils and stains. Offering dirt and mould resistant properties, as well as UV protection, British Paints deck paints come in both oil and water based options. They’re ready to use, with no need for primers. All you need is an applicator, a couple of coats and your deck will be done.

Get maximum results for minimum effort. What FOMU?


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