Exterior Paint

Nothing says home sweet home like a fabulous facade. Keep your walls, decking and trims up to scratch with our durable exterior range.

Exterior Paints
Peeling paintwork, shabby walls and splintered decks don’t exactly say ‘come in and make yourself at home’. Exterior paintwork can seem like a daunting task, but if you want your home to look as schmick on the outside as it does indoors, there’s good news – British Paints’ range of exterior paint can make the job a lot easier than it looks. Built-in primers, multi-purpose finishes and weather resistant colours mean you can leapfrog some of those fiddly steps. So pick up a paintbrush and get on with making that first impression count. 

Weather beater
Aussies are used to extremes; beating sun, driving rain and strong winds are all part of our lifestyle. British Paints 4 Seasons exterior paint is formulated to protect against the elements, keeping your house looking top notch. UltraProtect technology provides protection against mould, fungus, algae and UV rays. It also has an initial rain barrier that guards your paintwork from light rain just 40 minutes after application, so no worrying about paint streaking if the weather surprises you. British Paints 4 Seasons is self-priming on most surfaces. Just choose your sheen, paint it on, and you’re done. With a 25-year guarantee against peeling, flaking and blistering, and high durability against fading, your handywork is sure to stand the test of time.

Paint and go
Bare timber, brick, render and fibre cement board can look dark and uninviting, so a coat of paint is the logical fix. But if you’re worried about having to fill dints, use a primer, and then paint two or three coats on top, don’t be. Our Paint and Prime products allow you to cover repair jobs and dark colours easily, in just one or two coats, with no need for extra primers. Whether it’s walls, doors, window frames or trims, there’s a product geared for whatever you’re painting. It can even go on over water- or oil-based topcoats, so there’s no need to remove previous layers. Tea break already? You bet.

Deck defence
A good looking deck makes a big impact on your outdoor space. Stop cracking, flaking, splintering and mould on decks (and outdoor timber furniture) with the British Paints range of decking oils and stains. Offering dirt and mould resistance as well as UV protection, our deck paints come in both oil- and water-based options. They’re ready to use, with no need for primers. All you need is an applicator, a couple of coats and your deck will be ready for guests.

Easy prep
Sometimes there’s no getting away from prep. But if it sounds like hard work, then don’t worry, we’re on the case. Because we like to make life easy, British Paints PREP 4 in 1 Oil and Water Based paints work as a sealer, primer, undercoat and stain blocker all in one. Perfect for hiding stains, creating a neutral base and making sure the topcoat bonds, this is a one-stop prep shop in a tin.




Water based
Oil based


Low Sheen
Semi Gloss


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