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When you need a professional finish without a dedicated undercoat, you can save time with Paint & Prime.

Extra work equals extra time and extra mess, so wanting to bypass the prep coat is understandable. After all, it isn’t nearly as exciting as painting on that great new colour! Paint & Prime is a water-based undercoat and topcoat in one. Applied with brush, roller or spray, only two coats are required to cover bare plasterboard and previously painted dark colours. So which product is the right one for your quick turnaround job? Read on. 

Applying a new coat of paint to interior walls is an excellent way to give your living spaces a fresh-faced makeover. And choosing your colour is the fun part. Whether your fancies turn to warm and inviting heritage colours, dark and dramatic statement walls, or time-honoured neutrals and whites, getting the job done with an expert finish in a timely fashion is key. This low sheen Paint & Prime Interior paint requires no undercoat on most surfaces — including bare plasterboard and previously painted walls — and covers dark colours in just two coats. With a five-year guarantee against mould, it achieves a beautiful, easy to clean, finish for bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and beyond. 

Doors, Windows & Trim
Doors, window frames, skirting boards and architraves are the link between rooms, that guide you seamlessly through your home. When it comes to painting wood trim, white is the go-to colour, whether it’s a creamier shade to go with warm tones, or an icy-toned white to complement a cooler scheme. But you can create a stunning modern effect by painting trims in a darker tone such as soft grey. British Paints Paint & Prime Doors, Windows & Trim helps save time on your trims with an undercoat and topcoat in one. Suitable over water or oil-based topcoats, it’s available in hard-wearing and resilient gloss and semi-gloss finishes. So, relax! Your beautiful new paint job will leave you plenty of time to enjoy your weekend. 

If you’re planning to paint a room, you might be thinking you can skip the ceiling. After all, it’s all the way up there and that means it’s going to be a big job, right?
From a simple spruce-up to changing the colour, it can be a little daunting — but a room won’t feel truly freshly painted if you don’t include the ‘fifth wall’. The saturated flat finish of Paint & Prime Ceiling gives that modern velvety look that also disguises imperfections, and you’ll only need one coat over previously painted similar colours — or two on bare plasterboard, or to cover joins and dark colours. With excellent hiding power and a guarantee against mould growth for five years, this All-in-One™ paint will have you (and your un-cricked neck!) admiring your own handiwork in record time. 

Nothing says ‘I love my home’ more than good exterior maintenance. But sometimes it can feel like a never-ending job! British Paints Paint & Prime Exterior helps save time with an undercoat and topcoat in one. Available in low sheen and low sheen extra bright, one coat is all that’s required over previously painted similar colours, and two coats over bare timber and brickwork. And once you’re done, you can put up your feet and feelconfident this All-in-One™ paint will stand the test of time, with built-in UV resistance and a 25-year guarantee against peeling, blistering and flaking. Now that’s peace of mind.




Water based
Oil based


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