What type of paint should I use?

You’ve reached the stage in your home renovation journey where you’re ready to stop scrolling through design feeds on Instagram and venture into the world of DIY, but the paint aisle looks a little bit confusing. With so many types of paint, it’s hard to know which is the right one for the job and suddenly you’re unsure what to pick for your project.


Never fear, British Paints have your back! We’ve compiled a list of the common types of paint you’ll encounter on the shelves of your local Bunnings Warehouse and when to use each. Armed with this list, the right tools and dash of confidence, you’ll be a FOMO fighter in no time. 



A primer is your first line of defence and provides an even surface and protective barrier so that you can apply your next coat of paint. It allows for better paint adhesion, increased durability, protection and will also hide any pre-existing surface stains.


British Paints Prep 4in1™ Oil Based is suitable for use on both interior and exterior surfaces, fast drying, ideal for water-based stains, is superior for tannin blocking (common wood stains such as sap) and requires no sanding prior to application.


British Paints Prep 4in1 Water Based has great hiding, filling and adhesion properties, making it ideal for covering oil-based or food and drink stains. It has all the same benefits as the oil based primer, whilst allowing for surfaces to be wiped down and cleaned with water. 


Primer and Paint Combo 

If you’re looking to save time and money, a combination primer and paint is the product for you. Suitable on most interior surfaces, an all-in-one product combines a paint and primer in one convenient product.


British Paints Paint & Prime will give you a beautiful finish fast, even when painting over bare plaster and dark colours. With superior hiding power, it helps mask repairs and colour changes in two easy to apply coats. Simply allow 2-hours of drying time between applications.


Interior paint

Cleanability, durability and the capability to protect against stains are all important factors to consider when deciding upon which interior paint you’ll use. Luckily, British Paints has created specially formulated products for all areas of the home.


British Paints Clean & Protect creates a beautiful and resilient interior finish that can be wiped clean time and time again. The low odour, easy wash formula includes UltraProtect Technology, which protects against mould, mildew and bacteria to help keep that freshly painted look for longer.


British Paints Clean & Protect Kitchen and Bathroom is ideal for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. British Paints Clean & Protect Kitchen and Bathroom has a 7-year guarantee against mould and mildew.


British Paints Ceiling creates a brilliant flat finish to refresh tired ceilings. Easy to apply with low roller spatter, and low gloss reflection to help cover surface imperfections, British Paints Ceiling will help brighten any room in your home.


Enamel paint

So-named for its porcelain or glass-like finish, enamel paint looks hard and glossy once dried. It is most commonly used on high-impact areas that are exposed to greater everyday wear-and-tear or higher temperatures. 


British Paints Oil Enamel  is specially formulated for all interior and exterior timber applications, and is perfect for use on windows, trims and doors. This product will leave those high impact areas looking ultra-smooth for years to come and provides a tougher barrier against scratches and bumps.


British Paints H2O Enamel®  can be used on both internal and exterior doors, windows and timber trim surfaces. An added benefit of using a water-based enamel is that it is non-flammable, has a lower odour and is dry to the touch in around 30-minutes.


Stain and varnish

Stains and varnishes are great for enhancing or changing the original colour of timber and protecting the surface.


British Paints Timber Protect One Coat Stain & Varnish is an oil-based two-in-one solution, designed to save you time on your next wood project. Perfect for use on decks, trims and wooden furniture, it’ll keep your timber in tip-top shape.


Outdoor paint

Extreme weather and high temperatures can cause paint to dry at a much faster rate, which can lead to damage, poor adhesion and unappealing stroke marks. Arming yourself with the right paint will ensure you protect your home for years to come.


British Paints 4 Seasons® is specifically formulated to defend against the changing and seasonal demands of our harsh climate. Self-priming on most surfaces, British Paints 4 Seasons helps protect your home against sun, rain, wind and mould and comes with a 25-year guarantee against peeling, flaking and blistering.