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How to remove painter's tape properly

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice who’s never painted before, a DIY guru or a professional painter, one of the most important tools we have in our arsenal is painter’s tape.

Why? It helps to mask off areas that should not be painted and creates a clean finish that takes the job to the next level. But when we’re confused with how to use it or when to remove it, the tape can often get stuck onto the surface or can chip off dry paint. Don’t fret though, we’ve got you – below are a couple of practical tips to ensure the perfect finish, time and time again.

Start by investing in good painter’s tape. The quality of the tape will impact the ease of applying and removing it during the job. Frog Tape 24mm x 55m Multi Surface Masking Tape is fantastic and widely available from your local Bunnings and retails for $10.49*.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to removing the painter’s tape to achieve the best results:

  1. 1. Always remove the tape when the paint is still wet because if you wait for the paint to dry, you run the risk of chipping off the dry paint and ruining the finish


  1. 2. Pull roughly 15cm of the tape off the surface towards you


  1. 3. Turn that loose tape downwards at a 45-degree angle and begin pulling the tape down, ensuring you keep your hand close to the contact point of the tape and the surface it was stuck to.

It won’t take long to master the art of removing painter’s tape, so grab some paint, grab some tape and get started on your next project!

All products listed can be found at any Bunnings nationwide.

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