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6 tips to make painting your ceiling a breeze

Painting your ceilings can be daunting, but they've never been this easy. New British Paints Ceiling paint is the perfect solution for any weekend ceiling painting job. Here are our best tips to make it a breeze:

1. To get started you’ll need your paint, a sturdy ladder, paint tray and liner, a wall brush, paint roller, roller extender, drop cloths and safety equipment. When choosing your paint, remember that lighter colours will make your ceiling seem higher and darker colours will create the illusion of a smaller, cosier room.

2. After covering your floor and any furniture, it’s a good idea to give your ceiling a dust and a wipe down. 

3. Use painter’s tape to line the corners of your ceiling and prevent any paint from touching your walls. Paint the corners of your ceiling, all cornices and edges before starting to roll.

4. Pre-wet your paint roller, this helps the paint to be easily picked up and released onto your ceiling. Use an extension pole to prevent straining your neck and back.

5. Divide your ceiling into quarters to give you manageable spaces to paint. Begin at one corner and move across to the middle of the first quarter. Repeat until you’ve completed the entire ceiling.

6. Let the ceiling dry completely before deciding whether it needs a second coat.