A simple splash of colour

There are any number of ways to add character to a room. Some great, some small, but all a little nerve racking for a first-time painter. But you must never let the Fear of Mucking Up stand in the way of your personality.


Painting a feature wall in your rooms is a wonderful way to add a touch of colour. Perhaps you’re not so sure just yet. If FOMU’s getting the better of you, give us a chance to show you just how wonderful it could be. Our tips and tricks ought to make a FOMU Fighter of you in no time.



Let’s begin with a few tips on choosing the right colour.

  •        Get inspired. Scroll through Instagram, watch your favourite movies again, go for walk through your favourite places. Follow your colour intuition, take plenty of photos and make a simple colour mood board.
  •        Give your furniture a voice. If it’s going to live in the room, it deserves to be heard. You’ll want to choose a wall colour that complements your furniture’s current scheme.
  •        What are you in the mood for? Consider the mood your chasing. Is it tranquility? Or vibrancy? Do you want people to jump to their feet, or put their feet up?
  •        Try it before you buy it. That colour you’ve fallen for might not look quite the same on your walls, in your unique light. Pick up a few sample pots of British Paints Clean & Protect from your local Bunnings, and test a few swatches before you commit.

Well, that should be your colour sorted. Now let’s focus on picking the right wall.

  •        Find the wall that stands out. There’s always one. Perhaps it’s where the television will sit. Or maybe it’s where your favourite painting will hang. Maybe the one that gets that lovely afternoon sunlight…
  •        Ideally, you’ll pick a wall without windows or doors. These do tend to alter how a colour can look, so solid walls are the best way to go.
  •        If you’re working with a rectangular room, you might consider choosing the farthest short wall. That ought to make it appear closer than it is, and balance the shape of your room.
  •        Finally, you’ll need to decide how much paint you need to get the job done. Our handy Paint Calculator can help you there. Give it a try.

Painting a feature wall is one of the most rewarding projects a FOMU Fighter can take on. You’ve only begun the journey, but it won’t be long before you agree. Should you need any help at all, we’ll be right here.


Feeling inspired? Well, there’s no reason to stop then, is there? Find more inspiration here.