Choosing statement colours

Image Source: thekitchn

Choosing the right statement colour in a room without going overboard can be challenging. Try choosing a feature colour, such as a pastel green, and use it sparingly for a subtle effect.

Flowers as your choice of colour

Inject colour into a neutral space by using bright flowers for a quick, easy décor update. This is a great answer for those colour dwellers, as you can change up the flowers each season, and get rid of them as you please!

Image Source: @NatasiaRowena

Bathroom Statement

Bathrooms are a fun way to experiment with colour, as you are usually working with a small space. Your bathroom cabinets can be a key feature when painted with a stand out colour.

Paint your cabinet in a colour such as green, like with New Tropics or dark blues like Sea Shepard - our top choice for bathrooms.

Image Source: @mydomainehome

Bring colour to your study

A reading or study space is another room that can compliment colour through accessories and furniture while adding to the feeling of a creative space. Take advantage of this space for that reason and choose a fun colour like a bright yellow, pink or purple and use accessories that are easy to add or remove over time.

Image Source: @halfasleepstudio

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