Easter DIY

Any left over paint in the house? Try these cute egg-painting ideas with a touch of on-trend pastels. Great to put at the entrance to your home, or as a centrepiece on your dining table as a subtle Easter touch for your home.

Step One

First, gather everything you’ll need to paint and decorate the eggs.

Have your pastel paints of choice - for this craft we chose Sweet Hyacinth, High Alert yellow, Perfect Grass and Swinging Pink – along with a paintbrush, gloves, newspaper for protection, and decorative accessories to go along with the finished product.

Step Two

Hard boil the eggs and stir up your paint so it’s ready to use. As the eggs are quite smooth, it’s easy to use your hands to slowly dip the egg into your paint and allow a few seconds for any excess paint to drip off.

 Tip: If you want your egg to have a pattern, make sure you tape your egg before placing in the paint.

Step Three

Leave the eggs to dry in the egg carton or, better yet, a wire rack, which will minimize the marred contact points.

Allow drying for minimum 1 hour the paint. Once dry, you can now decorate how you choose.

Tip: Use a metallic pen, or paint the taped parts to change colour, or simply add contrasting polka dots to each egg.  

Step Four

Place the eggs in a simple bowl; pack the bottom with moss or straw to add to the Easter feel and to create volume. Pair with pastel accessories or other Easter treats to complete the look.

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