Give yourself the green light

Our love of colour is second to none. Taking the time and care to craft new colours, and to understand each ones’ unique personality, sounds like the perfect way to spend a day. And in our time, few colours have had quite such an effect on us as green. Perfectly common and uncommonly perfect.


We’d love to show you a few of our favourite ways of incorporating green into a home.

Image Source: design love fest

Before you even pick up a brush…

Give your space a natural boost in both colour and mood with a beautifully vibrant pot plant. Golden pothos, majesty palm, fiddle leaf fig… With such boundless variety, there’s sure to be one perfect for you.

Image Source: Decor Crush

A lighter touch…

An easy way to add a touch of green to your rooms are with interchangeable curtains and throws. Try a few different shades of light green, to give your room a sense of depth and variety. A naturally complimentary colour, green can add so much without demanding attention.

Make a statement…

Though a colour this versatile is perfectly capable of making itself known. Which, perhaps, you might like. Give your room a little drama with a bold, emerald green. Not necessarily for a wall, but perhaps some cabinetry. You might’ve just found your next weekend project.

If you’re a first-time painter, not particularly well versed in colour, then we hope our little love letter to green has sparked an interest in you. Picking a colour and painting should be fun. There’s no room for the Fear of Mucking Up here. Give yourself the time to browse through our Colour Charts, and start something amazing.


Feeling inspired? Well, there’s no reason to stop then, is there? Find more inspiration here.