Grey and Blues in Your Home

Image Source: Decor Dots

Navy and greys are the perfect décor combination for the colder months. You can change up the variations of style when combing the two, whether the colours start on your walls or your décor.

Blue Hues

Blue hues are often used in rooms as the blue transpires a sense of calmness, and pairs well with other neutral tones. Using a range of different shades of blue, then throwing in some grey into décor such as a throw rug, and frames will complement this pairing.

Image Source: Weekday Carnival

Grey Hues

Grey in your home can be a bold shade. It can have a cooling effect when placed against more vibrant colours such as a royal blue as it can create balance to a space.

Image Source: @turbulencesdeco

Pairing Grey with Navy

Navy and grey work well with neutral tans and whites, and when all put together they create a sense of flow in your living space. As grey, tans and whites are all part of the neutral family – adding a colour will inject some personality.

Image Source: Fashion Squad

Darker Hues

Used sparingly, darker hues of grey and navy can really set off a room if kept to a small space. Ensure you choose a room for this theme with a lot of natural light, so the space isn’t too dark but will still create a moody, soothing atmosphere. 

Image Source: @simplygrove

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