How to incorporate metallic accents

Image Source: @stephaniewhite

Metallic accents are a 2016 must have and we’ve found some great ways to incorporate them into your home!

Metallic in your bathroom

One way to use metallic is in your bathroom, or a room where you get bright lighting and have white tiles or walls. These elements will help them stand out as a feature from your mirror to the basin.

Image Source: apartmenttherapy

Hanging planters

Hanging planters continue to make their way as a top trend in 2016. To update this look, try metallic planters as they naturally pair with indoor greenery.

Image Source: @britandco

Interior decorations

Incorporate subtle hints of metallic to add some edge to your home. Use planters and trinkets that are easily transferrable around the home. Experiment with different shapes and group them in odd numbers, this creates balance to a surface and will look stylish without looking contrived.

Image Source: passionsforfashion

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