How to incorporate pastels into your home

Image Source: @macarenagea

You can add pastel hues to rooms in your home in the simplest of ways, creating a soft, stylish atmosphere.

Tip 1

If you don’t want to meddle too much with your wall colour, you can add pastel to match the surroundings through coloured cushions. Make an impact by adding subtle-hued colours to the mix.

Image Source: @brocpatineetcompagnie

Tip 2

If you are looking to change up your walls in your living space, for a modern, sophisticated look make sure to use trending pastels such as soft pinks in blush hues with mint greens and blues as they work really well with timber and greys.

Image Source: @stylizimoblog

Tip 3

For a mid-scale update, purchase a piece of on-trend pastel coloured furniture as a feature. This can completely change the look and focal point of a room without too much effort.

Image Source: @coco_lapine

Tip 4

For a pastel storage option, take some paint and DIY some woven baskets by dipping the bottom of the basket in a pastel blue, pink or lemon for an accented touch.

Image Source: @olliella

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