How to pair navy and mustard

Navy and mustard are both wonderful autumnal colours. Pairing them up requires a little finesse, but experimenting with colours should be a fearless endeavour. We simply won’t allow the Fear of Mucking Up to ruin it, which is why we’ve assembled a few tips and tricks to give you a leg up in your fight against FOMU.


We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the inviting warmth of these exceptional colours. Have a look.

Image Source: @cotemaison

Navy walls, mustard accessories

A navy accent wall can add a terrific sense of depth to a room. Adding pops of mustard to your space in throws, pillows and other décor can awaken the personality in both tones. Consider using different shades of navy in the walls, furniture, carpets and drapes, with only splashes of mustard in the décor. You’ll find the depth brings out the mustard, rather than overwhelm it.

Image Source: trendland

A splash of surprise

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a particular piece of décor that doesn’t match your navy and mustard theme. Not to worry; it’s a far more versatile theme than you think. Try a lighter navy accent wall, with deeper navy and mustard accessories. The sense of depth our shading creates will highlight your accent furniture beautifully.

Image Source: homepolish

A study in mustard

One’s study should be a place of inspiration and peace. This is where the hard work gets done, after all, and it just so happens that our navy and mustard theme works perfectly for such a space. With a warm, earthen and natural vibe, your study will feel like a home within your home.


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